The Story Behind Choccreate.com


"My Mother, every Christmas Eve, and sometimes around Easter,  would melt & temper her own chocolate, adding her favorite ingredients, dried fruits & nuts, and then decorate the chocolate bars, for the season, whether it be Christmas, New Year's Eve or Easter. My Mothers favorite time of the year was Christmas. In Germany, the Christmas season, and the opening of the Christmas Markets (a public open air market, a german tradition during the christmas season), starts promptly at the end of November, in every town and city, across Germany. Similar to "the States" where the Christmas Season commences with "Black Friday" in November after Thanks Giving. In the region where I grew up, the Black Forest Region in Southern Germany, we would ride the trains, with my Mother, to the various neighbouring towns, every Friday & Saturday, during the crisp cold merry winter evenings of December, exploring the Local Traditional Markets, dining on Schupfnudeln with Sauerkraut, (Schupfnudeln is a type of dumplings like gnocchi, made from wheat flour & egg), and German Bratwurst on a bun (German version of a hotdog), and exploring the multitudes of unique temporary stores, for thoughtful gifts, savouring the sights and sounds, with other joyous & festive people, and the smells. Oh! the smells, from the dozens of fresh & hot food stores, cooking up delightfully fresh & popular treats for the hungry shoppers & browsers, as we often were, from bratwurst & bockwurst on the grill, to crepes fresh from the pan, and chocolate stores, lots of chocolate stores, with fresh fruit dipped in various types chocolate, to chocolate molded and topped with assorted nut combinations.

After my Mother passed away in July 2007, at the young age of 62 years old, after a 9 year battle with Breast Cancer, I missed her, I missed the chocolates she always made, with her own personal touch and imagination, I missed the Seasons and what they meant, and I missed those trips we would take to a plethora of Christmas Markets every December. I found relief and solace, in rejoicing and recreating those memories of what my Mother used to do, by making Chocolates, like she used to do, for our friends & family, creating new memories, rejoicing in the season, and sharing, the gift of giving, and the gift of memories, with others, like my Mother used to do with us. I found this so rewarding, that I thought of helping others to do the same, create extraordinary chocolates, for themselves and their family & friends, so they could enjoy the gift of chocolate, their own personal way, and gift chocolate to others as I have done for years. Chocolate is a symbol of good times, of warmth and sharing, of joy and merriment. And thus the establishment and development of Choccreate Chocolates @ www.ChocCreate.com , where I make it easy, in a few simple steps, for anyone to logon and create their chocolates for themselves, and gifts for others. You can make your chocolate your way @ www.ChocCreate.com" .